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Finding a suitable Muse and Elfin match-up is important for the goals you have in mind (getting a high score, exp gain and etc). On this page, you'll find varied suggestions for those goals.


  • Currently, the only Muse that affects EXP is Idol Buro. With Idol Buro, you earn 50% more EXP after clearing a stage. Gaining EXP is important, because each time you level up, items are added to your Trove. With enough of a specific item, you can unlock in-game illustrations, Elfins, Muses, and their various outfits, which each have their own unique ability.
  • If Just As Planned DLC is purchased and enabled, you also earn 50% more EXP after clearing a stage.


  • Currently the only Muse that can help with accuracy is Christmas Rin by adding at most 5% accuracy.
  • To unlock the master level of a song you need at least a 90% accuracy which gives you an S rank.
  • In the table below are the accuracy percentages for each rank in the game.
Rank Accuracy Range
S (Golden S) 100.00% (All Perfect judgements)
S (Silver S) 95.00% - 99.99%
S (Pink S) 90.00% - 94.99%
A 80.00% - 89.99% or a Full Combo below 80.00%
B 70.00% - 79.99%
C 60.00% - 69.99%
D 0% - 59.99%
  • If you always get Great or Miss, you probably have the wrong offset settings. Click here to check out the recommended offset for your phone. (Simplified Chinese)

Suggestions For Achieving High Scores[]


  • Bunny Girl Rin can get 200% more score when collecting Red Hearts (at max HP) and blue notes, knocking back Ghosts and dodging barriers(gears/saws). Bunny Girl Rin is ideal for stages where there are a lot of ghosts, blue notes and barriers(gears/saws) like Umpopoff.


  • When combo reaches above 60/70, Joker Buro can get higher combo bonus score (x1.6/x1.7). If the stage isn't ideal for Bunny Girl Rin to be used then Joker Buro might be best.


  • Little Devil Marija will get 25% more score when knocking back enemies at the expense of losing 10 HP per second. Little Devil Marija is excellent at achieving high scores on level 11 songs. She can also be used on the easy difficulty on the following six DLC songs: PUPA, Ukiyoe Yokochou, GOODRAGE, ouroVoros, 8bit Adventurer and Eeliaas, however she isn't that good for low-density charts on songs or very low leveled songs. It's also highly suggested that she be paired with Lilith who is one of the eight Elfins in the game.

  • You can also earn higher scores by activating Manual Fever and activate the Fever when appropriate.
  • Different stages usually have different Muse and Elfin combinations of achieving high scores. Click here for the detailed list for the optimal Muse and Elfin and Fever Mode combination. (Acknowledgment to Miri)

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