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Muse Dash currently has 9 playable stages, four being DLC exclusive stages. Each stage has its own unique boss and enemies with the exceptions of the punching bag which is always the same color, ghosts and hold notes which are either pink or blue depending on the direction they're coming from. For each stage, blue-colored enemies are air notes and pink colored enemies are ground notes. All enemies move in a straight line with the exception of the raiders which jump out onto the stage and the hammers that swing from the top.


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Space Station[]

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Space Station


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Rainy Night[]

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Rainy Night


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Let's Groove[]

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Let's Groove

Score Table[]

NOTE: The base score and the fever gauge gain is when the note is perfect.

NOTE: Bunny Girl Rin can get 200% more score when collecting Red Hearts (at max HP) and notes, knocking back Ghosts and dodging barriers/saws/gears.

NOTE: Maid Marija will gain 150% more HP and be invincible for 2 seconds upon collecting a Red Heart when HP is lower than 100

NOTE: The Elfin Thanatos will bless you with 2 seconds of invincibility when getting hurt or collecting red hearts.

Name Score Fever Damage Image
Heart 300

at max HP

0 0 Heart
Blue Note 200 0 0 Note
Ground Hold Note 200+10 per 100ms 2 0 GroundHold
Air Hold Note 200+10 per 100ms 2 0 AirHoldNote
Punching Bag 200+20 per hit 4 40 PunchBag
Ground Ghost 300 2 0 GroundGhost
Air Ghost 300 2 0 AirGhost