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Muse Dash Wiki/Section 2

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<!-- For proper mobile styling, wrap list item text in a <div> *unless* it's a link. -->
<div class="body columns bigmobilelinks"><div class="leftcol">
* <div>'''Left column subheading 1[[Beauties]]'''</div>
** [[Content item 1Rin]]
** [[Content item 2Buro]]
** [[Content item 3Marija]]
** [[Content item 4]]
* '''[[Left column subheading 2]]'''
** <div>TBA</div>
</div><div class="rightcol">
* <div>'''Right column subheading 1[[Monsters]]'''</div>
** [[Content item 6]]
** [[Content item 7]]
** [[Content item 8]]
* '''[[Right column subheading 2]]'''
** <div>TBA</div>
</div></div></div><!--END Content links -->
<!-- Commenting out Heading B section until more information can be added.
<div class="fpbox mobilecollapsible" id="fpsubject2">--><!-- BEGIN Heading B links --><!--
<div class="heading desktopleft mobileleft">Heading B links</div>
<div class="body columns bigmobilelinks"><div class="leftcol">
** [[Subject B item 21]]
** [[Subject B item 22]]
</div></div></div>--><!--END Heading B links --><noinclude>!--
--><div class="fpbox mobilecollapsible" id="fpguides"><!-- BEGIN Guides box-->
<div class="heading desktopleft mobileleft">Guides</div>
<div class="body bigmobilelinks">
* [[How to play guide for {{gamename}}]]
* [[System requirements]]
* [[Release date]]
* [[Support|Game support]]
</div><!--END Guides box--><noinclude>
[[Category:Front page sections]]</noinclude>

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