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{{quote|Its my turn!|Bassist Rin}}
{{quote|It's my turn!|Bassist Rin (When Being Selected)}}
'''Rin''' (CV: [[Uchida Mami]]) is one of the three playable [[Muses]] in [[{{gamename}}]]. Rin enjoys sports and rock music. She has five different skins.
'''Rin''' (CV: [[Uchida Mami]]) is one of the three playable [[Muses]] in [[{{gamename}}]]. Rin enjoys sports and rock music. She has five different skins.

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Uchida Mami
It's my turn!
~ Bassist Rin (When Being Selected)

Rin (CV: Uchida Mami) is one of the three playable Muses in Muse Dash. Rin enjoys sports and rock music. She has five different skins.


The maximum HP of Bassist Rin increases 50.

HP: 300

In-game Main Menu Voice Lines;

"I'm listening! Stop poking!"

"You dare to disturb me? You wanna go to hospital?"

"Hey, can you stop touching me?!"

"Well, great rhythm. Do you wanna join a band?"

"Haha, you also like rock music?"

"Rules are made to be broken, aren't they?"

"Whoo-hoo---still not ready? ..."

"Don't dilly dally, I almost fell asleep..."

"So——boring——Let's do sports!"

"I'm not the one to be conquered!"

"Wow! Don't...don't take me as a fool!"

"What a...strange feeling..."

Bad Girl

Bad Girl Rin can turn "Great" into "Perfect" three times.


In-game Main Menu Voice Lines;

"You look pretty strong. Why not have a competition between us?"

"What? You wanna fight?"

"I never lose whether in solo or gang battles!"

"The ranking? Of course at the top!"

"See my mighty and heroic look? ~"

"So! Let your fists talk rather than your mouth!"

"You'd better have that awareness..."

"Hey, don't touch it! You wanna get your ass kicked?"

"You might die under my stick..."

"Wait! What are you doing!"

"Nonsense! Who...who's being shy!!"

"What, what are you going to do anyway!?"

Sleepwalker Girl

Sleepwalker Girl Rin will fight automatically and cannot be controlled by the player.

HP: ???

In-game Main Menu Voice Lines;

"Om nom nom..."

"Mr. RIce...Thank you for the meal...hic..."


"Fried rice, sushi, curry...all mine..."

"Stupid Buro, don't grab my food..."

"I'm already full...haha..."

"Don't you...want to...take a I do...Zzz"

"Hmm...where's my big meal?"

"It's...not the get up yet..."

"Um...Zzz...Um...Zzz...Um...Zzz...Um...Zzz... "

"Sure you can rest with me if you don't...don't get fresh..."

"'s a little hot here..."

Bunny Girl

Bunny Girl Rin can get 200% more score when collecting Red Hearts (at max HP) and notes, knocking back Ghosts and dodging barriers.

HP: 200

In-game Main Menu Voice Lines;

"Satisfied now? I've scarified so much..."

"Hey, don't be that greedy..."

"What? I'm quite busy..."

"So...the punishment is over right?"

"The sexy look is not really my style, is it?"

"Red cheek?! Because it's hot today!!"

"Your hand is boiling hot...are you sick?"

"Please make it stop now! Don't let others see it..."

"Can I change my old suit back?"

"Here is your Stage Clear award. Don't, don't relate to anything nasty!!"

"Wait,'s working time now..."

"The carrot is only used for battles!!"

Christmas Gift

When clearing a stage with Christmas Gift Rin, at most 5% accuracy can be added.

HP: 250

In-game Main Menu Voice Lines;

"I thought you might like me for Christmas…"

"Ahhh, this tape is so sticky…"

"B-b-b-rrr! I'm freezing…"

"Ah? This box? Of course I can't let go of it!"

"Did I scare you? M-merry Christmas!"

"N-n-n-n-no comment!"

"I thought I could jump out of the box and scare people… I don't think I thought this through…"

"It might have been better to dress up as Santa…"

"What do you think I dressed up like this for!"

"It took ages to wrap myself up. Won't you cherish this Christmas gift?"

"Sign your name… Hey! Why are you writing there?!"

"There's only enough room for one in here! D-d-d-don't come in!"