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Part-Time Warrior Rin
Part time warrior rin.png
None (Defies the laws of physics)

Part-Time Warrior is one of the outfits for Rin, added during April Fool's 2021.

Her ability is the greatest skill in Muse Dash history, the power to defy the laws of physics! Rotate the device 90 degrees counter-clockwise and turn it into a vertical rhythm game!

In-Game Voice Lines[]

  • "My new skill? Doing true damage to IQ. ( ゚q 。)"
  • "Pay to win and not really fun at all! ⊂彡☆))∀`)"
  • "Stop that, our writers ran away!"
  • "Come on PeroPero, being poor is not the excuse to make me look like this!"
  • "I worked my butt off and only two coins? WTF devs?"
  • "Ha, not this time."
  • "If [Just As Planned] with 200+ tracks isn't the most ideal investment, then I don't know what is. "
  • "What do you mean lazy drawing, less is more!"
  • "Damn... today is a dark... ( TдT)"
  • "Hmm... Running out of ideas... Might as well put this in."
  • ":( Your character has encountered an voicing issue. Error Code: peroperoispoor Please try buying the [Just As Planned] DLC pass to support the devs."

Note: Part-Time Warrior Rin has no voice acting for her lines, probably because PeroPeroGames was too poor to afford it.