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Yoshika Akashi
Life without music would be so boring right?
~ Violinist Marija

Marija (CV: Yoshika Akashi) is one of the three original Muses in Muse Dash.


When combo is less than 100, Violinist Marija's "Miss" judgement won't interrupt the combo.

HP: 250

In-game Main Menu Voice Lines;

"If you have time to learn, you have time to read."

"You're reading books or my legs?"

"Aha, looks like you're prepared to die, aren't you?"

"Did Buro make any trouble?"

"Um? Are we going to make battle plans?"

"What are the notebooks you are often talking about? Also books?"

"What? You want me to mock you for enjoying?"

"Just play the game without having any daydreams."

"Life would be so boring without music, right?"

"You too close..."

"Hey, you hands, behave yourself..."

"Hello, police? Still that guy."


Maid Marija will gain 150% more HP and be invincible for 2 seconds upon collecting a Red Heart when HP is lower than 100.

HP: 250

In-game Main Menu Voice Lines;

"I...I'm not enjoying..."

"I...I don't know how to cope with it..."

"Discipline...? I don't get it..."

" wanna be packed into a garbage bag?"

"Enough!...can... can I get off work? Master."

"I hope you can be more gentlemanly..."

"So whose bad idea is it to let me wear the maid suit..."

"Master, welcome back..."

"You wanna warm up or cook Neither?"

"I can lick it clean if the screen gets dirty..."

"The bathtub is fulfilled. Well...I don't mean that!"

"All clean...including myself..."

Magical Girl[]

Magical Girl Marija's increasing speed of Fever is 20% faster.

HP: 200

In-game Main Menu Voice Lines;

"I cannot meow meow. don't think about it..."

"I cannot do whatever I want even though I'm a witch."

"don't think about strange magics all day!"

"What do you mean by filling with magic? Do you mean taking a rest?"

"isn't your hobby...a little bit strange?"

"Eh? What's good of becoming a broom?"

"My driving skill is the best~"

"Love magic? Want me to teach you?"

"Put your face close to me, let me cast a buff for you~"

"I know! I know! Um——————Meow?"

"As for messaging, stop where it should be stopped! Or I'll turn you into a panty!!"

"Ah? Black magic of turning into a grown up man?"

Little Devil[]

Little Devil Marija will get 25% more score when knocking back enemies at the expense of losing 10 HP per second. Best paired with the Elfin Lilith.

HP: 200

In-game Main Menu Voice Lines;

"Specially produced wine, wanna have a drink with me? Hehehe♪"

"My tail is not only a decoration..."

"Devote your soul to me, and I'll make any of your dreams come true~"

"Um? You wanna try dying?"

"Don't think that I don't know what you're thinking~"

"You know the consequence of pissing me off~"

"What about having a trade?"

"Be my servant and you can have the benefits..."

"Fascinated by my charm?♪"

"Band aid? I have no clue~"

"Fan service? I can consider to serve you if you get a Full Combo..."

"it's not unacceptable to listen to your wishes once in a while..."

The Girl In Black[]

The Girl In Black lengthens the area of "Perfect" "Great" "Pass", making it easier to hit enemies and avoid barriers.

The Girl In Black Marija is also the boss of Rainy Night stage.

HP: 250

In-game Main Menu Voice Lines;

"Let's have some fun, wimps!"

"Surrender to my skirt, weaklings!"

"Hah, you think I just use this to conduct the band?"

"I'll put you in timeout if you poke me again!"

"Someone rear-ended my car earlier. Can I ride you instead?"

"You want me to stomp on you?"

"Such an unrepentant creature. You really want to die, don't you?"

"Have a taste of my baton."

"Hey, who said you could touch your master?"

"Be patient until I give you permission."

"Wag your tail and I might just let you lick my boots."

"An inferior being indeed... but you seem to be quite sensible."