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Nanami Takahashi
I'm Groove Coaster's navigator, Yume! Senpai, let's do our best!
~ Navigator Yume (When Being Selected)

Yume (CV: Nanami Takahashi), from Groove Coaster, is a playable Collab Muse in Muse Dash.


Navigator Yume from Groove Coaster. Obstacles (gears) will not harm her.

HP: 250

In-game Main Menu Voice Lines:

"Welcome to Yume's party!"

"Hmm...hmm... Oh! Sorry, I was distracted."

"Let's try Groove Coaster next time!"

"7 times 9 is... 32?"

"Eh... I hit a pole when walking around with my headphones on... It still hurts..."

"It's a frog? How rude, I was drawing a cat!"

"Rin-chan will blush if you say she's Kawaii, just like Seine senpai!"

"Have you heard? I just got the coupon for new desert shop by the station. Let's go after school!"

"Why do I like summer? Because ice cream!"

"Kawaii? Me? Thanks, I'm happy to be said that!"

"Huh... So hungry... need crepes..."

"I will be very happy if you choose me... it, it's about being your navigator!"


Hanamori Yumiri
Nya nyaaa! I'm Neko!
~ Game Streamer NEKO#ΦωΦ (When Being Selected)

NEKO#ΦωΦ (CV: Hanamori Yumiri), from Cytus II, is a playable Collab Muse in Muse Dash.

Game streamer[]

The streamer from Cytus II, Neko#ΦωΦ. She will become invincible after her hp drops to 0. Your score will not be recorded if you clear the stage in this state. Yeah~ A collab character that won't die~

HP: 250

In-game Main Menu Voice Lines:

"Yeah! NEKO is chosen again! Hmm... Why did I say again?"

"NEKO is taking the top of this leaderboard!"

"Chit-chat time~"

"What the...? Who did you say is a wildcat? "

"What's your problem? NEKO is busy, go away."

"The signal is so bad here! I can't scroll through iM..."

"The girls are so cute here~ Who do we start with... heheheh"

"Though MeowBot is always the cutest, this Muse is really lovely!"

"Beating up monsters feels shockingly good?! Taste more of my meow meow punch!"

"I'm not your waifu! Disgusting! You are so banned! You're banned!" - Player is then "banned"

"Wha... Where are you touching?! Hentai! Get away from me!!!" - Player is then "banned"

"Oh~ The blush on NEKO means nothing, stop guessing! Haha... Ahhahaha..."

Note: There's a chance that she can ban you from her stream chat when you press space on the title screen, although she doesn't have a voice line associated with this. You have to press space twice to be unbanned from the stream.

Secret Voice Lines:

The character selection screen after NEKO's MeowBot has been disabled.

"Noooooo!!! What did you do to NEKO's MeowBot?!" - This is achieved by clicking NEKO's blue MeowBot a few times on the character selection screen while she is selected. This also disables her ability, signified by the glitching textbox where her ability would usually go. To exit this state, select another character then select NEKO again.


Hakurei Reimu
Hiromi Igarashi
I expect to be paid in advance.
~ Red-White Miko Hakurei Reimu (When Being Selected)

Hakurei Reimu (CV: Hiromi Igarashi), from Touhou Project, is a playable Collab Muse in Muse Dash.

Red-White Miko[]

Reimu can keep hovering in the air without automatically landing, and shrunk the hitbox of obstacles (gears) making it easier to dodge.

HP: 250

In-game Main Menu Voice Lines:

"Rhythm? Isn't it all about defeating the enemies?"

"Buro? That kid is kinda like Suika ... Noisy, but not annoying."

"Have nothing to do, huh? Would you like a cup of tea?"

"Ughhh Yukari! Got tricked by her prank again and now I'm here!"

"Enough already, I did my part didn't I?"

"Do you ever get tired of poking me? You know that I'm not ticklish, right?"

"Props? Illustrations? Is there nothing more valuable?"

"You're welcome, please put my pay in the donation box~"

"I have made up my mind, how about building a shrine here too? This will double my income!"

"For what you've done to me, I will take double the payback!"

"Why are you so concerned about my armpits? There is no weak point here!"

"Want an S? That will cost you 100,000 yen. No? Then what?"


El clear.png
Ai Kakuma
El_Clear, fight!
~ Rebirth Girl El_Clear (When being selected)

El_Clear (CV: Ai Kakuma), from DJMAX Respect, is a playable Collab Muse in Muse Dash.

Rebirth Girl[]

Clear can automatically catch all the missed notes, red hearts, ghosts, and enemies with Heart. The automatically caught ghosts and enemies with Heart is "Perfect" judgement.

HP: 250

In-game Main Menu Voice Lines:

"Eh? Eh? Ah...I can't take it anymore! If you want something, just say it!"

"You want me to fight with the guitar...What if I destroy it? I mean the mob of monsters!"

"Love from everyone is the source of my power, so always praise me~"

"Clear will clear all the songs here! awkward silence?"

"Is that little zombie named Buro also resurrected from the graveyard? What...that is a cosplay?!"

"How long are you going to cool my heels? Hurry up and start playing with me! Come on, come on, come on!"

"Today is the day of solo with Fail, whoever loses will do whatever the winner says! Come and cheer me on!"

"Ahhhh, geez! To prevent you from poking me and thus losing the game, keep three meters away from now on!"

"I don't look like Fail. Obviously I'm in better shape...Yes, that's definitely true!"

"Born in the grave, standing for the return of glory! How about it, isn't it cool?"

"Just now! I saved another spectator who was almost bewitched by Fail. It was literally a close call."

"Fail comes here with me? What a clingy girl...Don't worry, I'll take care of her myself!"