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Amatsuka Mao
Desserts are put into the other stomach of course!
~ Schoolgirl Buro

Buro (CV: Amatsuka Mao) is one of the three playable Muses in Muse Dash. Buro enjoys sweets, and the name of her bear is Ola.


Pilot Buro becomes invincible while bursting into Fever Mode.

HP: 250

In-game Main Menu Voice Lines:

"Well, it's OK to play with you if you have donuts."

"Strawberry cake and chocolate cake, which one is better..."

"Touching my head will stops me from growing taller..."

"Buro is on an important mission!"

"Desserts are put into the other stomach of course!"

"Candy land? I really wanna go there!"

"Secretly taking photos of Marija? Leave it to me!"

"One donut is not enough to buy off Buro!"

"Guess where did I put Marija's notebook?"

"I...I'm definitely growing up healthily..."

"Don't look down on me though I'm cute!"

"Of course I've got pants!!"


Idol Buro gets 50% more EXP after clearing a stage.


In-game Main Menu Voice Lines:

"This hairstyle is carefully prepared! don't mess it up..."

"What are you doing! I know you're my fan but could you please stop it..."

"Praising is enough, don't touch my head!"

"I'm super charismatic now! ~"

"Let's occupy the ranking!"


"100% synchronized. Ready to show!"

"it's OK to take hands and take photos together~"

"La la la la~"

"Want my autograph? Photo together? Hey...?!"

"Where are you looking?! You freak!"

"Hello, Police? Here's a freak!"

Zombie Girl[]

Zombie Girl can enter Dying Mode for 15 seconds when HP falls to the minimum. She cannot enter Dying Mode again if not collecting any red hearts after quitting the mode.

HP: 250

In-game Main Menu Voice Lines:

"Can I still grow taller as a zombie..."

"I'm a zombie, I'm not afraid not darkness!"

"Ghost?! Are, are you a kid? You even believe in that!"

"You wanna get bitten by Buro?"

"Hoo——hoo——Did I scare you?"

"I will bite you if you dare to touch my head again!"

"You also wanna follow me? Get your neck close to me~"

"Ah? Isn't it a common sense that zombies love sweet food?"

"I'm a zombie now! You should all fear me!"

"You are even interested in, you..."

"It's not the right way to conquer me...It's not..."

"Hoo hoo, I'm going to bite you!!"


When combo reaches above 60/70*, Joker Buro can get higher combo bonus score.

* Even though the game says that the combo starts at 60/70, the bonus only activates when reaching a 70 combo streak.

HP: 200

In-game Main Menu Voice Lines:


"Come to be the volunteer of my magic!"

"Which one of the audience should I tease today~?"

"What kind of joker will be more popular?"

"Huh? This clothes is more convenient to move!"

"If you always touch me, I will touch you back!"

"What about this show: eating cakes while walking the wire!"

"How about using donuts as tickets!?"

"I'm the best at making snacks disappeared!"

"I know you're cheering for me, but it's too...too passionate!"

"What are you thinking? This is the show suit!"

"I...I don't know how to act that kind of show you said..."

Sailor Suit[]

Sailor Suit Buro can continuously hit the marked enemies by holding the buttons (at the cost of -20% score).

Her menu song is an instrumental version of "Best One feat.墨橙" by 小野道ono

Sailor Suit Buro's CG can be changed in the characters choose page (while she's chosen).

HP: 250

In-game Main Menu Voice Lines:

"It's far better to stay alone, you dummies."

"You like surfing the Internet?"

"Eeeeeek! That tail's just a decoration! No touching!!!"

"If... Rin and Marija fell into the water at the same time... Should we go to the arcades or karaoke first?"

"Milks are for kids, we grown-ups prefer coffee!... ugh.. that's terrible."

"I have pet, well, an electronic one."

"That's an earphone not ears all right?"

"Why is there a pool alongside the road? That's not my business."

"My favorite genre? Nope, not gonna tell you~"

"I like... rain"

"Since you are here. I can' share my earphone but... I can share my coffee"

"Well, I do like you a little bit... I guess."