Bunny Girl Rin
Bunny Girl Rin.jpg
+200% score on Red Hearts (at max HP), Notes, Ghosts, and Barriers

Bunny Girl is one of Rin's outfits. This outfit grants an additional 200% worth of points when:

  • You collect any Red Heart at max HP
  • You collect a Note
  • You attack a Ghost
  • You dodge a Barrier

In-Game Voice Lines

  • "Satisfied now? I've scarified so much..."
  • "Hey, don't be that greedy..."
  • "What? I'm quite busy..."
  • "So...the punishment is over right?"
  • "The sexy look is not really my style, is it?"
  • "Red cheek?! Because it's hot today!!"
  • "Your hand is boiling hot...are you sick?"
  • "Please make it stop now! Don't let others see it..."
  • "Can I change my old suit back?"
  • "Here is your Stage Clear award. Don't, don't relate to anything nasty!!"
  • "Wait, it...it's working time now..."
  • "The carrot is only used for battles!!"
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