Bad Girl Rin
Bad Girl Rin Idle.png
Turns Great judgements into Perfect judgements up to 5 times
Bad Girl Rin Play.png

Bad Girl Rin is one of the outfits that Rin has.

In-Game Voice Lines

  • "You look pretty strong. Why not have a competition between us?"
  • "What? You wanna fight?"
  • "I never lose whether in solo or gang battles!"
  • "The ranking? Of course at the top!"
  • "See my mighty and heroic look? ~"
  • "So! Let your fists talk rather than your mouth!"
  • "You'd better have that awareness..."
  • "Hey, don't touch it! You wanna get your ass kicked?"
  • "You might die under my stick..."
  • "Wait! What are you doing!"
  • "Nonsense! Who...who's being shy!!"
  • "What, what are you going to do anyway!?"
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